Introducing Deal Track and Market for Organizers

Track and Market is a powerful new tool that provides one central portal to track deal flow, market to investors, and launch an SPV

Track and Market for Organizers provides a single portal to help you manage the details of your deal pipeline, market investment opportunities to your network and gauge interest, and then - when you are ready - you can spin up an SPV to invest in the deal.

Simple as that!

Getting Started

Once logged into Glassboard, access Track and Market from the menu bar on the top right.

You will be launched into your Deal Flow Tracker where you can drag-and-drop each of your deals into different sections based on their stage or status.

You can also customize each section to suit your needs. For example, you can adjust your tabs based on vertical, industry, or any other category of your choice.

Click on Add New to add a new deal to your Deal Flow Tracker.

You will be prompted to enter high-level information about your deal. Remember to upload a company logo! Click Continue to create your new deal and proceed to the next step.

Preparing to Market a Deal

This is where you will get into deeper detail to describe the investment opportunity, with sections such as Company Description, Round Details, Product & Technology, Team and Market Size. Remember to add the company pitch deck and any other relevant information about the potential deal.

Once completed, click on Preview Deal in the bottom left corner to see what your marketed deal will look like when it is sent to potential investors.

See an example of the Deal Preview below.

The pitch deck can be downloaded from the top right corner, next to your allocation amount and the minimum investment amount.

Total Interest and Avg. Interest Rating summarizes the input from all potential investors interested in this deal. These ratings will change as more investors express interest.

You are now ready to invite investors to express their interest!

Inviting Investors

You can invite investors to express interest in your deal in four different ways.

  1. Typing in their name and then email address
  2. Inviting them from your contacts
  3. Uploading a CSV file with contact information
  4. Creating a separate link which can be shared outside of Glassboard.

Once the invite is sent, click Close. You're done!

Tracking Investor Interest

As your network of investors begin to express their interest, you will be able to track it in the Track Interest tab. Once your total allocation and interest has been met, you can spin up an SPV with just one click!

Other Tools

In the Tasks tab, you can enter, assign and track tasks that need to be completed. In addition, you have a notes tab that provides you the opportunity to keep all information on the deal in one place.

When you click back to your Deal Flow Tracker, you can check the progress of each of your deals at a glance, and drag-and-drop each of them to categorize them as desired.

Please note: The deals you have been invited to are on the first tab and the deals that you have created and are monitoring will be on the following tab.