Introducing Deal Track and Market for Investors

Track and Market is a powerful new tool that provides one central portal to track deal flow, market to investors, and launch an SPV

So you've received an invitation from a deal Organizer to express your interest in an investment opportunity on Glassboard. What comes next?

View Deal Information

If you are interested in seeing more information on the investment opportunity, click on either Company Pitch Deck or Submit Interest buttons in the body of your email invitation.

This will bring you to the Glassboard login page. If you have previously invested using Glassboard, simply use your existing credentials to log in.

If this is your first time using Glassboard, please follow the prompts to register.

After logging into Glassboard, the details for the investment opportunity you've been invited to review will appear on your screen. Here, you can download the company pitch deck and review all other information relevant to the deal.

Express Investment Interest

Now it's time to rate the opportunity! In the top right corner, provide your star rating for the deal and indicate the amount you would be interested in investing.

Once you are finished, click Close.

Deal Flow Tracker

Now that you have rated the investment opportunity, you will be launched into your Deal Flow Tracker. This is where Organizers and Investors can manage the details of their deal pipeline by dragging-and-dropping each deal into different sections based on their stage or status.

Note that there are separate tabs for deals that you've been Invited to participate in, and deals that you are tracking yourself (New Tab).

If you would like to become an Organizer and invite people to express interest in your own deal pipeline, please email

Please click here for more information on how Track and Market for Organizers provides a single portal to help you manage the details of your deal pipeline, market investment opportunities to your network and gauge interest, and then - when you are ready - you can spin up an SPV to invest in the deal.