Deal Track and Market FAQs

Common questions about Track and Market, Glassboard's newest feature 

Q: What does Deal Track and Market mean?

A: Deal Track and Market provides a central portal to help you manage the details of your deal pipeline, market investment opportunities to your network and gauge interest, and then - when you are ready - you can spin up an SPV to invest in the deal.

Q: On my Deal Flow Tracker, I need to delete or change the sections I use when dragging-and-dropping my deals into different stages. How can I do this?

A: To delete or edit the sections on your Deal Flow Tracker, you can right click on the section header and choose the edit or delete option.

Q: Why can’t I click on Track Interest in a deal?

A: If you cannot click on Track Interest, that means you are set up with an Investor profile on Glassboard. To market investment opportunities to your network and gauge their interest in your deals, you can become an Organizer and launch your own SPVs. Please contact

Q: What does the Invited tab mean on my Deal Flow Tracker?

A: The invited tab will contain all of the investment opportunities in which you have been invited to express interest by other Organizers. You can drag-and-drop these deals from stage to stage in order to organize them how you wish. Note that this will not impact the way the Organizer manages the deal within their own Deal Flow Tracker.

Q: Can I move deals from the Invited tab to a new tab on my Deal Flow Tracker?

A: Not at this time. If you would like to move a deal from the Invited tab to a new tab so you can track and market it yourself, you will need to create the deal again on the new tab.

Q: Can I add photos or screenshots to my deal?

Absolutely! You can cut and paste screenshots or photos into the Market Deal detail area. If you cut and paste directly into the details the images will show up in the body of the text. Play around with it and let us know what you think.