What is the Wiring Process?

What is the process for wiring money for the investment?

I provided my wiring bank information. Will the funds be automatically pulled from my bank account?

No, Assure does not pull the funds from your account. You will need to initiate a wire with your bank. Click View Wire Instructions for all the information that you can download or print.

In order to make sure your wire is received and accounted for quickly and accurately, please follow all instructions such as including any reference numbers in your wire.

Please ensure that the amount of your wire matches the subscription amount. A mismatch may delay your investment for several days.

How will I know when my wire has been received? 

Assure reconciles all wires to Glassboard within one business day of receiving them. You will receive an email confirmation once this is complete. You can also check to see if the "Amount Received" has been updated in the upper left tile on your investment.

If you are sending from a domestic account and it has been more than two days since you sent your wire, you may reach out to your organizer for verification. Please be aware that international wires can take several days to reach our account.