What is the Wiring Bank?

What is the Wiring Bank? And how is my Wiring Bank information used? 

During the process of creating your investor profile, you will be asked to provide your bank account information. Assure will not be pulling or transferring any funds directly.

Why does Assure need the name of my wiring bank? 

  1. To comply with the USA Patriot Act and auto-populated the name of your bank in your subscription packet. 
  2. To assist Assure in correctly matching your incoming wire to the investment you made on Glassboard.

Should I put the sending or receiving bank?

You should list the bank you will be wiring from.

My bank or financial institution will complete my wire through another bank. Which bank should I put as the Wiring Bank?

Put the original source of the funds, your bank.

I am investing from an IRA, what do I enter? 

When investing through an IRA, list the name of the IRA's banking solution if known (you can find this on their website under their "wiring instructions"). If you are unable to locate this, just list the company that custodies your IRA. List your IRA account name under "Account Name" (including FBO...) and then list your IRA account number under the "Wiring Bank Account Number."

Can I modify my wiring bank after I have signed the fund documents?

Yes you can. You will first need to click Modify to re-generate the fund documents in your subscription packet, and then you will be able to edit your wiring bank.

Please be aware that this or any other change to your profile will require you to re-sign all fund documents by following the signing process.