Signing Fund Documents

Investors must sign all fund documents to participate in a deal. Follow these instructions to complete your signed document package 

How do I sign the fund docs? 

If you are responding to an investor email invitation or link for the very first time, you will need to create a Glassboard account, log in, and set up your investor profile. For details on the complete process from start to finish, watch this brief Investor Experience video.

The first time you log in, you will see the Deal Overview page for the investment opportunity you have been invited to participate in. 

For any subsequent logins, you will land on the Investments page. This page will include all deals to which you've been invited to participate. Click on the deal to proceed into the Deal Overview page.

You will be required to complete each of the five Steps to Invest.

IMPORTANT: Once you select your investor profile, if you have not done so already, you will be required to pass your KYC/AML checks and investor accreditation before you can sign your fund documents. If you have not already undergone this process, two tabs will appear next to your profile prompting you to submit the required information and begin your accreditation checks. This process can take up to two business days.

If you have already passed your KYC/AML checks and investor accreditation, then you will see the below next to your profile and you will be able to proceed with the investment process.

Once you have entered your subscription amount, selected your accredited investor profile, and added the name of your wiring bank, you are ready to sign your documents.

Click the Sign Docs button and follow the prompts through the electronic signing process.

Note: Please click through and sign all three documents

You will see a pop-up and receive a confirmation email once your signing package is complete.

Where can I access my signed docs?
Once you have signed your docs, you will be able to access them on the Deal Overview page.

You may also navigate to Documents on the top right menu bar. This will contain both open and closed investments.

Additional Signatories

If you are subscribing via an entity, trust, or joint account and have additional signatories, they will receive a separate email with a link to sign the documents. They do not need a unique account or profile to sign.

Where can I review the fund docs?

The full unsigned fund documents may be reviewed on the same page under Fund Documents section.

What if I need to change any information after I've signed the documents?

If you need to modify any information, such as investment amount, wiring bank or your investor profile, please visit this article.