Investor Profiles in Glassboard

Investors can create and manage multiple profiles within Glassboard

All Investors will be required to create an investor profile in order to invest in a deal.
Investors may have as many profiles as necessary to meet their specific needs. For example, separate profiles could be made for an individual, an entity such as an LLC, a trust, or joint account. 

Your investor profile will be used to populate the subscriber information on the subscription documents, so be sure to list the name that will have ownership of the subscription.

Depending on the type of profile, you will be asked to add primary and additional signatories, as necessary. Note:  Additional signatories do not need to create unique accounts or profiles. For any required signatures, they will receive a separate email with a link for signing.

Create and Edit

You may create additional profiles by navigating to your investment, selecting the dropdown arrow next to "Profile," scrolling to the top and selecting "Create New."

To edit a profile, select the appropriate profile from the dropdown list and then click the "Pencil" next to the left of the dropdown.


You can also click on Settings > Settings to edit and manage your investor profiles.