Investor Onboarding

Overview of process for investing into a Glassboard deal

Overview of Glassboard Investor Process

  1. Accept the invitation sent from your organizer in the form of an email or a shared link (It is required that you create your account from either an email inviting you to Glassboard or through a unique invite link provided by the organizer.)
  2. Log in to Glassboard, if you have previously created an account, or create a new account and sign in. 
  3. Enter a subscription amount (Fig. 1)
  4. Either select one of your previously created profiles or create a new one (Fig. 2)
  5. Select a bank from the dropdown under "Wiring Bank" or click Create New (Fig. 3)
  6. Click Next (Fig. 4)

Note. The Fund Documents section contains copies of the fund documents for your reference. You will electronically sign these documents in the next steps. You do not need to print and sign these documents. Once you have signed the documents electronically, your signed copies will appear here.

After clicking "Next" from step 6 above you will see this screen:

  1. Click the "Sign Docs" button (Fig. 1) and you will be guided through the signing process.
  2. Once you have finished signing documents, click "View Wire Instructions" (Fig. 2) Use these instructions to initiate a wire through your bank. Be sure to include any reference or file numbers with your wire according to the instructions  (Note: You must initiate the wire process with your bank as Glassboard is not able to automatically debit the account for which you have provided information.)
  3. Once your wire has been received your Investment will be marked as complete.