Investor Basics for Glassboard

What do I need to know about investing in a deal through Glassboard?

How do I create my investment? 

In order to create an investment in a deal, you will need receive an invitation from an Organizer. This will typically be done by a unique invitation either through an email or a unique link.  Once you accept the invitation, you will be able to proceed to Investor Onboarding. If you did not receive an invitation and you think that you should have, reach out to your organizer.

I registered on Glassboard, why can't I see other investment opportunities? 

Glassboard does not allow users to browse all active deals on the platform. In order to participate in a deal, you must be invited to it. 

Where do I see my investments? 

In order to see your investments, navigate to "Investments" in the header and select the appropriate investment tile. Each tile represents a deal that is either available to you or that you have completed.

You can complete your investment or view the details and related documents of the investment by clicking on the investment tile.  

Investment Status

Pending: When your investment status appears as pending, this means that you have been invited to invest in the deal but have not yet completed the steps to invest.

Committed: When your investment status appears as committed, this means that you have created your investor profile and added a subscription amount, but you have not yet signed your fund documents. Your deal Organizer will be able to see your intended subscription amount, but you will still be able to adjust your commitment amount if desired.

Completed: When your investment status appears as completed, this means that you have signed all of your fund documents and successfully wired in your committed funds.