What do I enter for Entity Legal Name?

How to complete the Entity Legal Name field when creating your entity

The Entity Legal Name will appear on the cap table for the final investment and in the public SEC filing. The naming convention you should use when completing this field will depend on whether you've selected a Master / Series structure, and whether your entity type is an LLC or an LP.

Please note: If you are using the Assure Labs SPV service, your Entity Legal Name will have a different set of requirements. For those requirements, please refer to the Assure Labs article.

Master/Series Structure

If you have selected a Master/Series structure, then the Entity Legal Name must end in LLC or LP and should have the following naming convention: [Series Name], a Series of [Master Name LLC or LP].

The series name must be unique to your deal and the master must be a broad umbrella name as it will be attributed to each series beneath it.

For example: Acme Investments, a Series of ABC Master LLC

Regular Structure

If you have selected a Regular structure, then the Entity Legal Name should be the legal name unique to your deal. The name must end with LLC or LP, depending in the entity type.

For example: Acme Investments LLC