Glassboard Overview

Providing a simple, affordable, transparent solution so you can focus on building relationships and doing deals. 

Glassboard is Assure’s innovative software platform used for setting up and managing the life cycle of Special Purpose Vehicles or Funds. Glassboard gives our clients the ability to oversee the life-cycle of the deal from creation to funding to closing, and makes it simple for your investors to participate. Below are the main features of Glassboard. For more detailed instructions for setting up your profile and creating your first deal, please make sure to check out our video series beginning with Video #1: Organizer Setup.

Deal Creation


You can simply create a deal with minimal information.

You can add a logo to represent the deal, a slogan or marketing message, as well as a link to the portfolio company.

Once created, you will see an Overview screen that can be referenced throughout the deal to see the overall status of the deal. This includes information regarding the target amount, the total raised to-date, the status and number of your investors, carry information, next steps, and more.

Additionally, from the Deal Dashboard you can view a quick snapshot of the deal and status of your investors:

Deal Details

Before creating fund documents and inviting investors, we need to gather more information about the deal specifics.

You will need the terms of the deal, for example: estimated close date, target raise amount, minimum investment amount, name of the deal, name of the series/fund, who will fill the role of Manager and Organizer, some information about the portfolio company, and whether there will be carry or a management fee. You will also need to decide who will handle the banking and what the arbitration city and state will be.


Once the deal details have been finalized, you can generate fund documents. Alternatively, you may, as negotiated with Assure, upload your own fund documents.

Documents take just a few seconds to create, merging all necessary data collected during the deal setup.

You can also upload other documents for your potential investors to review, such as a pitch deck or other marketing materials.

After documents have been approved by you and by Assure, you are ready to invite investors.

Manage the Investment

Inviting Investors

Glassboard provides you multiple ways of inviting your network to participate in your deal. You can invite yourself, as the organizer, to invest in the deal, you can invite a list of investors from your own contacts, you can invite by just providing a name and an email, or you can generate a unique invitation link that you can share.

Inviting investors will send an email (which you can customize) to them and allow them to easily register for a Glassboard account and onboard.

Investor Details

After you've invited investors and as they onboard, you can track the status of all investors and view they details of their investment. Assure will reconcile and update the wires as they are received.

Detail view of each investment:

Funding the transaction

Once all of your investors have committed to the deal, passed the KYC/AML checks, wired their funds and all of the funds have been received you are ready to Fund the Transaction. This will notify Assure and give us the go ahead to wire funds to the portfolio company. Assure will continue to administer your deals after the money is wired and will give you the organizer periodic updates through the system.

Investor Experience

The investor experience is a simple, smooth process as well. After you, the organizer, invited the investor to the deal and after they have created their login, they will be brought to the Investments tab where they will see the investments they have been invited to.

The investor will click on the deal they would like to commit to and see the deal overview with the 3 steps the investor will need to complete in order to subscribe to a deal.

Step 1 Includes entering details about their investment, how much, which entity will invest and which bank will be wiring the money. After this step is complete, Assure performs the KYC/AML check.

Step 2 Click and sign documents and wiring.

Step 3 Wire funds.

It is as simple as that! Investors will continue to come back to Glassboard to receive deal specific communication and K-1s.

For questions and general support, please browse our Help Center or send us a message by clicking on the chat icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.