Client Experience Manager (CEM)

How your Client Experience Manager can save you time and help you close more deals.

What is a Client Experience Manager?

Our Client Experience Managers (CEMs) are dedicated to your deals to help you navigate a complex and time-sensitive process:
  • Provide a smooth onboarding experience and ensure successful adoption of our Glassboard platform 
  • Deliver SPV education, guidance, and best practices from our experienced teams
  • Align expectations and communicate updates from start to finish
  • Facilitate your relationship with Assure

Why is having a CEM important?

At Assure, we've helped thousands of clients with thousands of deals. No two deals are alike. Your CEM is a partner to you - understanding your goals, your business, your processes, and ultimately delivering tailored service that meets your needs. Our CEMs work closely with Assure's internal experts and can provide proactive guidance and insight so you know you are in good hands. We have a large team of CEMs so that they can maintain a small book of clients, so you can feel confident that all communication is thorough and timely. You may book meetings or arrange phone calls at your convenience, bypassing our client service team, so you'll never have to explain the same thing twice. CEMs provide a dedicated set of eyes to ensure your deal is progressing smoothly.  

What will the experience be like if I don't have a CEM?

Some clients choose the DIY route and wish to coordinate directly with the Assure deal team. This is a great option for those that are experienced in the SPV process. To serve our clients most efficiently, our deal team is structured in an "assembly line" style, so you may receive communication from different analysts depending on your deal stage, and response times may be slightly longer. We have plenty of self-serve resources available on our Glassboard Help Center to guide both deal organizers and investors through the process.


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