Assure Labs Pricing & Process

How our Assure Labs Pricing Works

No other firm can match Assures’ specialized expertise, speed, or cost-effectiveness in delivering Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) services to the private investment community. Our unique approach to SPVs is transforming the back-office fund administration process and creating new opportunities for deal organizers.

With our Assure Labs Service, SPVs are more cost-effective than ever.

* Standard & Enterprise SPV pricing also available. // Liquidation fee applies only if and when liquidation event occurs. // Blue Sky fees are regulatory fees imposed by states, are variable, and are a cost of the fund, not part of Assure’s Fees – Assure will process the filings and pass through payments to the states.

How to Incorporate Assure Labs Fees into your Raise

All fees are taken from inside the capital committed within your SPV. This includes Assure's 1.5% fee and Blue Sky Fees.

To ensure you raise the correct amount to cover all fees, it is best and most common to find a flexible investor who is willing to increase their commitment amount.

We recommend using the following formula to calculate your total raise:

(Amount to wire to the portfolio company + Blue Sky Fees + Base Rate) Divided by 0.985