If you have not already, please watch this video for start to finish instructions on creating your first deal.

When building your Assure Labs SPV in Glassboard, there are specific details you must enter to remain compliant. Please ensure you meet the below requirements.

Note: Please be aware that Assure's 1.5% fee will be taken from inside the committed amount pooled within your SPV.

Entity Creation

Select Master / Series Structure and choose Create New Master Entity

Please use the following details to create a New Master Entity:

Master Entity Name: Assure Labs 2020, LLC

Formation Location: Delaware

Entity Type: LLC

Select an Entity Legal Name unique to your deal, following this naming convention:

[XYZ], a Series of Assure Labs 2020, LLC.

[XYZ] = the unique legal name you have selected for your deal

The Arbitration State and City are wherever you deem most appropriate. This will be the location where any arbitration might happen in the future for your SPV. Typically, the location is close to where the Organizer resides to keep legal fees at a minimum.

Organizer & Fund Manager

The Organizer will be yourself; the client of Assure. Note: the Organizer name can be modified under Settings at a later time

The Fund Manager must be: Assure Fund Management II, LLC

Other Requirements

  • Select Yes for Assure to set up the bank account. After you have completed your SPV set-up, you will receive an SS-4 document to sign for EIN and bank account to be created
  • The URL/Website of the target investment (ie. portfolio company or other asset) will be required for a bank account to be created
  • Any carry must be directed to the Organizer
  • You must "Generate Documents" and "Approve Documents" for Assure to begin your Assure Labs SPV services
  • Reminder: Assure's 1.5% fee will be taken from inside the commitment of your SPV
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